Susan List

Portrait artist, Illustrator.

In love with art and craft.

It only took me a few strokes on a canvas to realize that art was a language that I could shape to express all my thoughts and emotions that words could not describe. But what started as need for communication, grew up to be a passion for all kinds of arts and crafts.

In my voyage to try all forms of art I created oil paintings, sculptures, jewellery, wall paintings, costumes, plushies, and even furniture.

I studied theatre design at the school of arts in Utrecht, and in the meantime I would experiment drawing abstract paintings and sculpturing organic forms.

After my studies I started working professionally as a carpenter, upholsterer, and interior designer for companies and individuals.

Later, Motherhood pulled me again inside the magic circle of playing and I extended my work by creating kids furniture and kids corners for restaurants. Alongside I would sew and crochet dolls an stuffed animals for our little friends.

Occasionally, I would freelance as a makeup artist and costume designer creating high quality outfits for various events.

Lately I fell in love with the beauty and power of photorealism and I am mostly focused on creating photorealistic portraits with traditional media.

I am always open for portrait commissions and any other kind of illustrations, but I would also be very happy to create a costume for you or your child.

Susan List

Susan List